CenteringPregnancy® Prenatal Care

CenteringPregnancy combines prenatal care, education, and support all together in a visit with your medical provider and other young women who will deliver at about the same time as you. Women meet 10 times to discuss different topics related to pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Important people can attend with you. If you need more individual time, you can have that too!

CenteringPregnancy is an evidence-based model. That means you will be better prepared for your baby’s birth! There are many benefits:

• No waiting—groups start and end on time
• More time with your medical provider
• It is fun!
• You get a great support network during your pregnancy and after!
Centering® patients have fewer early births.
Centering patients have better success with breastfeeding!

Learn more about CenteringPregnancy at:

Centering Healthcare Institute

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Pregnancy Support

When you start your care at Face to Face you will be connected with a Prenatal Case Manager who will get to know you, find out your needs, and keep your information confidential. Your case manager can help you with:

• Applying for insurance
• Transportation to appointments
• Housing referrals
• Food shelf resources
• Public Health Nurse referrals
• WIC referrals
• Clothing Closet

After you deliver your baby, you can continue to get assistance and support up until your baby’s first birthday. A Case Manager and a Nurse Practitioner will check in with you to see how you are doing and help you out with resources and family spacing.

Questions? Call Jen at 651-772-5608.


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